Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 24 | And here's another one* for "Throwback Thursday" and a throwback song, too!

Ang big hair!  Ack!!!  :D | 1992
I was not more than 23 here but, man, the stylist made me look older than my mom!  Hahahahahahaha!!!

The above photo was my very first 'glamour shot' for a newspaper article they were going to write about me.  It was a feature on the San Miguel Beer Ad's Centennial Jingle - 100 Years of San Mig - which featured the late great Fernando Poe Jr. as the hero on a horse.  I got to sing the jingle.  I don't have a recording of it.  Sayang.

Anywoohoo, the song for Throwback Thursday is a (not so) old one from 1996.   I got to record this pop OPM for my debut self-titled album, Chiqui Pineda.  It was written by dear friend, Mr. Vehnee Saturno and his brother Freddie Saturno.  Vehnee is one of the reasons I was able to break into the recording world back in Manila in the early 90s and I owe him so much of my earlier success.  Salamat, Kuya Vehn!

As most romantic and senti Pinoys know, the one song from my first album, How Did You Know - composed by Ms Cecile Azarcon Inocentes - was promoted first.  I wanted it that way and was so glad I picked a winner.  It went on to become the huge hit that it is now.  This song I'm sharing with you didn't get to see the light of day much.  Or so I thought.  A few years later, a powerful singer named Jaya re-recorded her own version and it became her very first big hit.

The rest is history.  Here is Tanging Ikaw by the original! ;)

Bakit kailangan puso ay masaktan 
Bago maintindihan ang siyang nararamdaman 
At kahit iwasa'y naro'n sa damdamin
Yakap at mga halik ay nadarama pa rin 


Dahil tanging ikaw ang siyang lahat 
Nang mawalay ka nang minsa'y hindi ko matanggap 
Kulang ang sandali pag ika'y wala 
Sadyang kapag wala ka'y wala rin ang tuwa 

Kung ang 'yong puso'y may mahal nang iba 
Di pa rin magbabago ang aking nadarama 
Ako ay aasang magbabalik ka pa rin 
Ang iyong pagmamahal at ang dating pagtingin

The showbiz years in glam shots.  
Happy Thursday/Friday everyone!

Courage in creativity,

*To make up for Days 21 and 24


  1. Two in a row, WOW. You are in a roll, and beautifully unstuck!

    Bye now. XOXO.


    1. Thanks to you and The Wruddy, too!!! Abot TO and Enery ng Pokskie kasi. ;)