Wednesday, June 29, 2011

solo time with sol

He graduated today. Well, it's not really a graduation, more like a farewell because his school only goes up until Grade 5. Now he's off to the big kids' school and *sigh* big boy is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

I couldn't be prouder and happier and mushier! He makes me happy, this first pure love of mine named after a king.

The 'king' requested for a special solo time with his mom and baba. At the breakfast table this morning, he realized that he was going to have Jack and I to himself all through the day. So he said to me over his untouched cereal bowl - he was too excited to eat -

"Mom, since I'm graduating today and it's just you and Baba invited (gym space issues) can the three of us go out for lunch...because I never get to be alone with you much..."

And here's where this mommy melts into a puddle of goo.

Seems like only yesterday...

In Boracay, 2001, Sol, 3mos.old

Sol in 2008, 8 yrs old

And more tears. HAPPY, joy*full slowly realizing how old I really am!


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  1. Oh Congrats...he is adorable...I know how you feel..mine are 19 and 22....and looking back at pics makes you melt..!